The information we having coming into expedition HQ right now is top quality, especially those bits that have to be translated on the internet.  Just in from Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan is this veritable mine of information:

Hello also Prosper!! Travelled across Kirghizia a self-locking device, there there live kind and sympathetic people, especially in a distance from cities. At affiliate it is possible to stop for the night free-of-charge..

I do not know the price for animals. In Bishkek there live my friends Diana Ovsjanina And Andrey Ovsjanin, it is possible to find out all from children about Kirghizia. Will help to be defined before travel!!

Kind Way!!

With Love from Russia!!


Even better though is that Powertraveller Ltd, the company that has revolutionised solar power on the move, makes the brilliant Power Monkey solar phone/iPod charger and a lot more besides, is very generously sponsoring us to the tune of all the equipment necessary to charge our cameras and other batteries.  Thank you Jerry Ranger and the team for your support.  This means that whatever else happens we need only take a few batteries with us and our PowerGorilla setup will ensure we never miss a shot.  I love their kit.  It’s so well designed, compact and tough.  We just need to have the folding panel arrayed over the top of our camel while on the move and then it’s battery can charge our batteries while we sleep.  Job done.  Check it out at